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Guide for Jaipur Honeymoon Tour Package

The city of Jaipur is a lively fusion of modernity and age-old customs. The Rajput’s previously ruled over the pink city, the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Therefore, a honeymoon in Jaipur with a Jaipur honeymoon tour package will be a truly royal experience full of beauty and charm. Along with Agra and Delhi, Jaipur makes up what is known as the "golden triangle" and is hence one of the most popular places in India to hold a wedding or honeymoon. The pink city's walls and gates are decorated with paintings against a calming pink background, helping the city hold on to its historic allure. According to KK Holidays, the town has all the pink treats you want for a romantic honeymoon.

Honeymoon Destinations in Jaipur:

To ensure that your honeymoon in Jaipur is one you will always remember, KK Holidays have compiled a list of the top attractions in the city. Check it out!

The Hawa Mahal:

The massive Hawa Mahal gets its name from the design, consisting of small meshed windows that let in cool air and keep the palace cool even in the hottest summers. The women of the royal families could observe the celebrations from the safety of the castle, as they were not permitted to join in person and were located on the outskirts of Jaipur's City Palace. The palace is a pyramidal structure of pink and red sandstone reminiscent of a crown. Jaipur tour package for couple setting is relaxing and charming—the perfect destination for newlyweds on their special trip.

Amer Fort:

On top of the Aravali hills is the majestic Amer fort, commonly known as the Amber. The Amer Fort and other Rajasthani hill forts have been added to the list of World Heritage Sites. KK Holidays suggests this fort's design synthesises Rajputana and Hindu elements, and its construction out of red sandstone and marble gives it an aged and mysterious air. The main fort's walls are covered in paintings of historical portraits and Rajput hunting scenes. The sheesh mahal is the crowning glory of this architectural masterpiece, with its glass ceilings, walls, and flower murals depicting exquisite illusions. The two of you, on your honeymoon, must take in the sights and atmosphere together.

Jantar Mantar:

The Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is not only the largest astronomical observatory in the world but also a cultural, historical, and scientific treasure worthy of inclusion on the list of World Heritage Sites. It's a set of high-tech tools for astronomy and building design. KK Holidays suggests this place has 19 important geometric devices for measuring time, predicting eclipses, finding the declination of celestial bodies, finding the heights of the heavens, and following the motions of stars. It was built for astronomical and cosmological research purposes. The Egyptians used the Ptolemaic astronomical equipment discovered here in their research.


In the above, we discussed Rajasthan honeymoon tour packages, where they discussed places, a couple must go. What better way to commemorate the union of two people in love than a trip to Jaipur for a honeymoon? With the lovely weather and picturesque scenery, you won't find a more fitting setting to celebrate. With KK Holidays Jaipur honeymoon packages, you and your significant other may see the city's stunning landmarks and spend valuable time together.

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