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Mr.Mahender Singh - Founder & M.D.

A veteran stalwart of the Travel and Tourism Industry in India, Mr. Mahender Singh brings to the table nearly three decades of exemplary service across a wide range of prestigious organizations which together make him a formidable force as far as being a representative of this dynamic and exponentially growing facet of the Indian economy is concerned. Starting out with Peacock Travels Private Limited as Manager, Operations nearly three decades ago, back in 1983; Mr. Mahender Singh continued to function in that role for 5 years till 1988, after which for as many as 15 years, he remained the General Manager of Registan Tours Private Limited. For the next two years until 2005, Mr. Mahender Singh functioned as the Director of Karni Kripa Tours & Travels Private Limited. From 2005 till date, Mr. Mahender Singh has been the Managing Director of KK Holidays and Vacations. Along the way, Mr. Mahender Singh has had a distinguished range of achievements in the industry.

For instance, back in 1998, Mr. Mahender Singh was solely responsible for spearheading the camping of a group of as many as 240 Swiss German VIP passengers. He has also been instrumental in the coordination of camping at Samode Bagh between 1988 and 1992. Subsequently, it was Mr. Mahender Singh’s vision and élan which saw the introduction of Camel Safari circuits Nokha Jamba Pushkar as well as various tribal regions. Additionally, he also coordinated a massive marathon of as many as 333 kilometers, a record in itself, for a contingent of 46 French passengers. This was an event which received massive media coverage even at an international level. Then when it came to coordinating a bicycle marathon from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer for Vedanta Group’s UK team, Mr. Mahender Singh was once again at the helm of affairs and undoubtedly did a spectacular job in terms of ensuring that when it came to the entire team’s well being; there was no compromise on any front whatsoever.

Then in 1988, there was a unique Elephant Safari which was coordinated by Mr. Mahender Singh which went all the way from Jaipur to Pushkar. Amidst loud cheers and hundreds of participants basking in the reverie, Mr. Mahender Singh maintained his calm and composed self, undeterred by the spectacular visual which he had pulled off, nearly singlehandedly. Without a doubt, when it comes to Pushkar in particular, there seem to be a wide range of achievements which are absolutely characteristic as well as unique to Mr. Mahender Singh. For instance, for 2 consecutive years, Mr. Mahender Singh was responsible for coordinating the visit of very high profile groups of visitors from the American Embassy. Clearly, when it comes to dexterity and immaculate attention to detail, Mr. Mahender Singh comes right at the top. Given all of his wide and varied achievements in the industry, Mr. Mahender Singh has also been assigned a wide range of high profile roles and responsibilities in the Indian Travel and Tourism Industry, which again he has managed to pull off with incredible flair and flamboyance. For instance, Mr. Mahender Singh is an Executive Committee Member of the Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India. He also happens to be the Joint Secretary of the Rajasthan Association of Tour Operators, a position which he very proudly holds even till date.

Mr.Arun Singh Rathore - CEO

Learning from the father Mr. Mahender Singh , the man who gave a new dimension to the growth to company is none other than Mr. Arun Singh Rathore . With his vast knowledge on new ideas of internet technology Arun looks after all the affairs of Image branding , Social media , Internet Marketing etc which are now a main necessity for the growth of a business . Under his guidance the organization has seen a great growth resulting his name to be Nominated in Leaders of Tomorrow awards 2012 . On the whole, one can easily say that when it comes to holding diverse responsibilities and positions in the Travel and Tourism Industry, and being a suitable local as well as global ambassador for the same, there are perhaps few individuals who can be as tailor made for the same as Mr. Arun Singh.

That is indeed one of the reasons for which his name is held with so much regard and honor by the entire industry, across other parts of the country as well, beyond Rajasthan alone.
Against such a vivid and charismatic backdrop, it would be perfectly suitable to state that when it comes to having a truly memorable travel and holiday experience in Rajasthan and beyond, one should really not look beyond KK Holidays and Vacations, especially when one considers the fact that there is Arun at the helm of affairs of the enterprise!

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